Automatic Assembly

INNOVATION : Don't waste time placing your navigation hotspots. Let Nodalview's automatic AI powered automatic assembly do the work for you.

1. Create a new tour with 'Automatic Assembly'

Create a 'New Tour' and make sure to specify you want it to be automatically assembled

2. Create your first panorama

You can start your automatically assembled tour in any direction.

3. Memorise the position of the panorama.

Optionally you can place a Nodalview chip on the floor to mark the position of each panorama.

4. Start the next panoama by aiming the previous panorama.

Allways aim the previously taken panorama. If dont have a direct line of sight with the previous panorama, aim for another one and specify the name of the panorama in panorama drop down list. Use the arrow on the screen to help aim the previous panorama.

Caution : By default, Nodalview will assume that you are aiming the previous taken panorama. If you are aiming another panorama don't forget to specify the name of the panorama in the drop down list.

5. Nodalview instantly assembles your virtaul tour

Admire the result in a brand new interface. If necessary you can add extra hotspots.

6. Questions & Tips

You can always aim for another panorama. All you need to do is specif the name of the panorama in the panorama drop down list.

If you are starting a new floor and can't see any previous panorama then you should indicate 'None' in the drop down list.

Nodalview's patent-pending system, based on the smartphone's sensors, works as long as you have a line of sight with another panorama - there is no minimal or maximal distance!

No worries, you can easily add extra links in the verification interface.

If you change floors and can't aim any other previously taken panormas then you should indicate 'None' in the panorama drop down list. This way Nodalview will understand that you a sarting an new group of panorama's.

Go to the tour verification interface and hit the '+'. Adjust the position of the new hotspot and select the panorama that it should go to.

Easy! Go to the assembly verification interface and drag the hotspot. Its position will automatically be saved.

1/ If you are still capturing the panorama then simply stop the session and reshoot the panorama. <br><br>2/ If you've already shot the panorama then you can simply reshoot the panroama. Be careful to specify the correct panorama in the drown down list as Nodalview will by default select the previous panorama (the one that was wrong). You can then delete the panorama from your app.